The Spiritual Beat – 3/2012

 The Spiritual Beat: Rhythms & Patterns

Kathy Wosika — March 2012

This work is born in

Quiet … and Solitude

This quiet space is, however, Alive with

Movement – Rhythms – Patterns…

The repetitious

Turning of the potter’s wheel…

Of wedging clay…

Of throwing out clay slabs –

over and over and over again

to make them thinner.

The repetitious

Chopping and beating of plant fibers…

Of dipping the mold

into the vat of fresh paper pulp

The repetitious and rhythmic

shaking –

rocking the mold back and forth

to form a sheet of paper.

– Clay, Fibers, Wood, Metal, and Glass –

Work in these Traditional Medias

combine Form & Content with Function,

The work requires practice through Repetition.

And this repetition

Calls up cycles in Nature and

Opens a crack in one’s sense of time to

Reveal rhythms of Spirit,

Of Breath,

Of Balance,

Of Connectivity,